Vue du parcours trou par trou

Chambon sur Lignon golf course

Course of 18 holes – 5943 meters – par 72

  Blanc Jaune Bleu Rouge
SSS 72,7 71,1 72,6 71
Slope 146 137 137 137

Architecte: Michel Gayon

Parcours 18 trous - 5943 mètres - par 72

Hole 1

Trou N°1

Apart from its length, this looks like the ideal start to a round with its spreading fairways. Except that the only safe approach to the green is from the right. Anyone who cannot play Michaelson flop shots and finds themselves on the left will be confronted by a heaving sea of bunkers.


Hole 2

Trou N°2


An easy par three provided the drive avoids the trees to the right, the bunkers and hazards to the left, and you can read the subtleties of the green.


Hole 3

Trou n°3


A par four that long hitters will reach in two. Lesser mortals beware the ditch and bushes down to the right and the hazards of pitching into a sloping, raised green.


Hole 4

Trou n°4

A magnificent par four dog leg to the left. Wandering to the right is instantly punished by bunkers or a stroll in the woods.


Hole 5

photo du trou n° 5

A long par five with bunkers and trees that long, staight shots will avoid.



Hole 6

trou n° 6


 For long hitters, a possible birdie par four. Apart from bunkers and a lake on the right, the only distraction is the superb view.


Hole 7

trou n° 7

A deceptively short gently uphill par four with a green that seems to hang in the sky and is defended by the most challenging bunkers on its north face.


Hole 8

trou n° 8

A charming par three drop hole with sand and trees in play for the unfortunate.


Hole 9

trou n° 9

A sweeping par four, downhill all the way with woodland and sand that should not really be visited.


Hole 10

trou n° 10

Another delightful par three drop hole.


Hole 11

trou n° 11

Straight forward par four- apart from the trees and bunkers that leave only a narrow entrance to the green slightly to the left.


Hole 12

trou n° 12

An absolutely magnificent par five- one of the few holes where sand, woodland and water can all come into pay with a most challenging approach to boot.


Hole 13

trou n° 13

A long par three, all downhill, with bunkers, trees and difficult approaches for the unwary or unfortunate. Enjoy the magnificent view, with the "mont Mézenc" (1753 meters).


Hole 14

trou n° 14

A par four with a long carry uphill and every sort of trouble on the right, first trees and approaching the hole, a pond with magnetic properties and bunkers.


Hole 15

trou n° 15

A tranquil par four after the stress of the previous three holes apart from the difficult bunkers defending the green on the left.


Hole 16

trou n° 16

The peaceful return home continues with another par four provided the ditch and pond to the right, the tree in the middle of the fairway, and a creek to the front, left and behind the hole are left unvisited.


Hole 17

trou n° 17

First one marches uphill avoiding a lake and bunkers for a testing par five and then...


Hole 18

trou n° 18

Down one comes again for a long par four with a pond on the right, saplings further along on the left, a ditch and more water on the right, no sand, a clamber up to the green, and there is the clubhouse terrace in sight.